In Glen We Trust

Glenn Remember the clueless morons at the Colonial Fan Force? Well, this is even better. Now that NBC has announced they’re developing a new KNIGHTRIDER — although I suspect the 30% dropoff in week two of BIONIC WOMAN might put a little damper on that — a team of fans has sprung up to defend the Glen Larson/Weinstein feature version that’s been in development. The best part of their idiotic campaign has got to be their logo:

I have noticed that recently fans have been asking what they can do to show their support for Glen especially now that Universal is intended on competing with his vision of what Knight Rider should be. I have designed an emblem so you too can show your support for his movie and his vision that one man (and his car) can make a difference.

You may post this image anywhere you like, in fact I encourage you to do so and tell your friends and family if they wish to support the movie to post it as well.

Put it on myspace, fan forums, blogs, websites, anywhere you wish to display it. You have carte blanch to do with it as you like (as long as it’s respectful).

I deeply respect the logo and plan to wear it on my chest until the network suits, studio bean-counters, and the world at large realize that "one man and his car can make a difference."

(Thanks to Bill Rabkin for tipping me off!)

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  1. If I were a KNIGHT RIDER fan (and I’m not), I wouldn’t worry about faithfulness to the original. In this week’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the producer of the new KR calls the original the Shakespeare of his generation. (That made me sob just a little.)


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