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I’m a big BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fan and I was eager to catch-up on the season premiere…but I have to say, it left me underwhelmed. The stuff with Baltar was fun, but I found the rest of the episode plodding. Plus, I was nagged by some big issues that went unaddressed. For one thing, 600 people are killed in the opening moments of the show…and are never referred to again. This is a massive loss of life and yet it isn’t discussed…the characters are too busy whining about their feelings about Starbuck’s return or, in the case of a handful of characters, the realization that they are Cylons. Which brings up another issue…in the first couple of seasons, a lot of time and angst were devoted to Boomer’s "human-Cylon" baby. Well, now that we know the Chief is a Cylon, too, that means his baby is also a cross between a  human and a Cylon.  Doesn’t that make his child every bit as important to the humans and the Cylon’s as Boomer’s child is/was? And if Six can "feel" the presence of the other Cylons in the fleet, why can’t Boomer?

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  1. Re: the Chief’s baby. I’m sure if the humans KNEW he was a Cylon (other than the other 3 who I’m sure aren’t spending their thinking time on the half-cylon baby) they’d whisk that one away just like the other one. But until they know…nada.

  2. BSG hasn’t been “must see TV” for me for a while now, so I haven’t seen the season premiere. But did they explain how these four (or possibly five) people happened to survive the attack on the Colonies?

  3. To me this kind of storytelling has been present from the start of the series. In season 1, after the water tanks were blown, rather than simply scoop it up from space they embark on a hazardous mission to mine it from some toxic moon somewhere. They leave things out and hope you don’t notice. I contrast this with Star Trek: The Next Generation where they threw things in at the last moment and hope you didn’t notice (that not-quite benign fungus that’s been eating the skin of the ship form the outset has finally threatened its safety; but if Jordy re-modulates the transporter through the deflector array he can produce a tachyon flux that should clear it up. Of course, he’ll have to compensate for the inertial dampeners but if Reg helps him, that shouldn’t be too hard…)
    They sell the viewer short both ways, I think.


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