Indulging my inner Geek

I love the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Even with a cheesy story-line like tonight’s "body farm" plot, it is redeemed by its total dedication to subverting your expectations…and your sympathies. The Cylons aren’t just robots. They might just be more human than, well, the humans. ..and the most terrifying thing about the Cylons is that the humans are realizing that, too. Great stuff.  On a side note of true geekiness, I love that fact that the characters
on this show sweat, get dirty and bleed, and that their wounds are
carried over from episode-to-episode (and on a side-side note…it sure was gutsy to shoot the "star" of your show and keep him unconscious in a hospital bed for six episodes. Makes me wonder if Edward James Olmos was doing a movie or something at the same time…or if showrunner Ron Moore just likes taking big risks).

Who knew there was such a great series to be found in the bones of Glen Larson’s original idea? Makes you wonder what someone could do with Irwin Allen’s LOST IN SPACE or some other cornball scifi shows from the past.

But hey, this series pales in comparison to the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA…yeah, the one with the robot dog…just ask the Colonial Fan Force who are still, inexplicably, pining for a continuation with the geriatric cast.

UPDATE:  I’m not the only geeky Goldberg who is addicted to the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

5 thoughts on “Indulging my inner Geek”

  1. I used to watch the original because it was the only thing on whatever night it was on, and I was a bored teenager.
    It sucked, though. And you’re right, you could do something good with Lost in Space.

  2. As I blogged recently, I’m hooked too.
    A few cracks are showing a little more this season, I think, both in the special effects and in the writing. There were a few shots last night in which the shiny Cylons didn’t quite match their environment, and the final shot with whatsisface watching the whatsit fly away was an obvious composite that didn’t line up right.
    I’ve had the feeling, over the last few episodes, of being in an “in-between” stretch of story, as though we’re mostly just trying to get someplace new so the next major story stuff can happen. Maybe once those 24 ships get to Kobol, we’ll be properly into a new dramatic movement.
    Chief is probably my favorite character at this point.
    Can’t remember the last time I had a favorite character.

  3. I believe Olmos was doing a movie, but it still was a nifty move. I also agree that the Cylon effects have been less than satisfying and I find myself enjoying the human interacts much more.
    I still would kill for a “by your command” every once in a while.

  4. Edward James Olmos was making a movie for HBO, and he’s still making it — should be in the can later this month. It’s about a group of Latino students who staged a walkout from their high school in 1969 or thereabouts, demanding equal treatment.

  5. Battlestar Galactica is my favorite series on television today. I voted for it on my Emmy ballot even. In fact, Newsday wrote an article just a month ago saying it was the best show on TV (
    Around our house we TiVO it on two machines, and my son has a Friday night party with friends built around it. A week or so ago they bought the first season DVD and watched them all in two days.
    It pretty much rocks.


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