Interceptors, Immediate Launch!

 Variety reports that the feature film version of the TV series UFO is taking shape. Joshua Jackson has been cast as Capt. Paul Foster, the role originally played by Michael Billington in Gerry Anderson's 1970s series. No word yet on who is in line to play Commander Straker (Ed Bishop), the leader of SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), with secret bases on the moon and underneath a movie studio. (Michael Billington and Ed Bishop are pictured above, Joshua Jackson below).


1 thought on “Interceptors, Immediate Launch!”

  1. I always thought UFO was ripe for a remake either as a film or a JJ Abrams-type series. I know there were at least two or three attempts since the show went off the air, one of which morphed into Space: 1999.
    Since they’re doing a film, I’d like to see Stephen Fry do the voice of SID, the orbital satellite that sounded vaguely like John Houseman.


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