Is this an Elmore Leonard Character or What?

From today’s Los Angeles Times:

A Los Angeles judge who tried out for a reality television show by arbitrating a
dispute between an erotic dancer and a strip club was removed from the bench
today for ethical violations and lying to the state commission that reviews
complaints against judges…

…Ross improperly used his judicial office for financial gain when he hosted two
pilots for a possible television series called "Mobile Court," where the judge
goes on location to decide small-claims cases.

In one episode, "Beauty
and the Beast," the erotic dancer whose stage name is Angel Cassidy sued a San
Diego adult club for cheating her out of prize money when a security guard,
known as "Wolverine," disqualified her from the final round of a "Miss Wet on
the Net" contest.

Ross arbitrated the dispute for television inside a
Los Angeles strip club with "zebra carpet, neon, mirrors, pole" and asked the
plaintiff for details of the wet T-shirt contest she lost.

(Thanks to LA Observed for the heads-up)

4 thoughts on “Is this an Elmore Leonard Character or What?”

  1. Damn, you guys are hard on your judges over there. Just trying to ensure a young lady is not fleeced by the evil conniving strip club owner. Harsh, very harsh.
    See if he was President, he probably could have gotten away with it.;-)

  2. He’s so the Elmore Leonard character. So that would mean he would probably wind up dating the stripper, then the two of them would try to fleece the strip club owner out of some big money…with goofy mobsters and crooked yet cool cops mucking the plan up in the most entertaining ways.


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