Is This How To Sell Books?

A week or so ago, I posted a note here saying how glad I was that my broken right arm, the one with the titanium elbow, was finally out of a cast and I could more-or-less resume most of my normal activities. Naturally, somebody saw this post as the perfect opportunity to plug his upcoming book.

I am pleased to announce the signing and acceptance of a contract for the publication and upcoming release of “Dreams-The Gateway.” Follow the research professor who dares to venture into a world of dreams. New technology truly becomes a nightmare for those who transverse into “Dreams-The Gateway.” A novel by Louis Poessel.

Curious, I checked out Louis Poessel’s site to see how his book was related to broken arms, casts, titanium elbows, physical therapy or me. There I found a picture of a middle-aged man with a white beard sitting in front of an American flag like Wally George. A few clicks later, I discovered that Louis decided to pursue writing after retiring from a “lengthy career in the agricultural seed industry.”

His unique blend of science fiction combined with snippets from his personal experiences take the reader into a world of fantasy, yet possible scenario. Possessing a broad background in the agric-business industry he often uses it as the backdrop for his vivid imagination.

I also learned his first novel is:

A vivid account of a research professor that has broken the bonds of reality and entered the world of dreams. Follow the professor from his safe and protected college research laboratory to a secret government base where new technology truly becomes a nightmare…

I’m assuming the new technology isn’t titanium elbows. Still, I’m sure everyone interested in my arm will want to buy the book.

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