It Takes a Thief

CinemaRetro today features a wonderful appreciation of IT TAKES A THIEF, one of my all-time favorite shows, which is now available to watch for free on hulu:

Unlike the preening poseurs currently
afflicting Hollywood,
Robert Wagner’s cool was organic and understated. As Alexander Mundy, he projected a
breezy self-assurance untainted by arrogance or condescension, and maintained
his sangfroid in the face of the most dangerous assignments Noah Bain threw his
way, thanks to an unparalleled and seemingly inexhaustible skill set. Mundy
could neutralize any security system, crack any safe, outwit any adversary and,
not least, talk his way into the arms of just about any woman in sight. Little
wonder he was the envy of every kid who came of age during the show’s original

The only show even remotely like it today is BURN NOTICE, but as much as I like that show, it’s doesn’t have the same charm.

4 thoughts on “It Takes a Thief”

  1. I loved the show when it aired. I own the three novels by Gil Brewer. Unfortunately, for me, that’s all I’ve read by Mr. Brewer. Though I recently picked up the Hard Case Crime reprint, The Vengeful Virgin. Just haven’t gotten to it.

  2. Lee-
    MANY thanks for the heads up on this article.
    Coincidentally, I just found Hulu.Com earlier this week, and have been watching ITAT during the day while working. Still holds up, still entertains, and no one, NO ONE, was or ever has been as cool as Alexander Mundy.
    As far as the DVD goes, someone please do this while Robert Wagner is still with us. I can only imagine the commentary, the memories, and the jokes he’d have to tell.

  3. This is one of my all-time favorite TV shows too. Robert Wagner couldn’t have been better, but the show got even better when Fred Astair joined the cast as Alexander Mundy’s super-cool father.
    Wasn’t the theme music great!
    Unfortunately, we can’t get the streaming video feed here in Guelph, Ontario, but hulu is working on it.

  4. I had barely heard of “It Takes a Thief” when I was younger. After seeing the Biographay on Robert Wagner, on the Bio channel, I went looking for it. I always loved “Hart to Hart” too. I have been watching a lot of Hulu too, Not just Thief, abut also H to H and other classic tv shows I missed or watched when I was younger. My only complaint with Hulu is the don’t have the whole series, just one or two seasons of a show. I’ve also introduced my youngest to to “I dream of Jeannie” and other comedies of the era, and she loves them!!
    Its fun to see who was in the old series and go and look them up and see how much work they’ve done.
    Check out my blog for my latest rant on the tv industry.


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