It IS Brain Surgery

Last season, CBS  shot the pilot 3 LBS, which starred Dylan McDermott and Reiko Aylesworth as brain surgeons.  It was written by Peter Ocko, produced by Tom Fontana, and directed by Barry Levinson.  Despite the A-list talent involved, the pilot wasn’t picked up to series. But CBS and Ocko haven’t given up. They are re-developing the idea for this season with a new script and a new cast. Now it will be about a brain surgeon with a neurological disorder who recruits a new partner.

4 thoughts on “It IS Brain Surgery”

  1. Hey, with all this emphasis on ‘reality’ casting, think they could use a well trained card carrying actress who has survived two brain surgeries?

  2. 3LBS? I suppose that refers to the weight of the human brain? Seems like a shitty title for a TV show. Wonder if they were going for the “Scrubs,” “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Nip/Tuck” type of show.
    My mind kind of reels over the “sexiness” aspect of doing a “Nip/Tuck” show about brain surgeons.

  3. The new pilot, which had a working title of “Wires in the Box” but hasn’t been officially named, has been completed and sent to CBS for their consideration. It stars Stanley Tucci.
    If CBS picks up the show, it will in future be produced in NYC, where Tucci and most of the cast actually live.


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