It Takes a TV Guide

Will Smith is out to unseat Owen Wilson (I SPY, STARSKY & HUTCH) and Colin Farrell (SWAT, MIAMI VICE) as the go-to guy for theatrical remake of TV shows. After ruining THE WILD WILD WEST, Smith is tackling IT TAKES A THIEF, which starred Robert Wagner as a convicted thief who is forced into becoming a spy for the government. Variety reports:

Smith and his Overbrook
partner James
have come aboard to produce the film with Kevin
, John Davis and Joe Singer. "Four Brothers" scribes David
and Paul Lovett are set to write the script.

Davis and Singer set up the project at Universal nearly a decade ago, when it
was envisioned as a potential starring vehicle for Michael
. Studio has had Smith in its sights for several years,
but the project just recently gained forward motion with a fresh take and new

4 thoughts on “It Takes a TV Guide”

    Ummmmmmm…… I don’t see either one of them as Al Mundy. (Douglas as Noah Bain, maybe.) Oh, this is bad…this is very bad.
    And I’ll bet the farm they won’t show Dave Grusin and his wonderful score the proper respect. Oh, man, this is bad…this is very very bad…
    This makes me really really nervous about the constantly proposed “update” for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.
    Screw it. I’ll stick with my so old they’re brittle video tapes of the originals.


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