It’s a Wrap

Maddie and I went to the Monk Wrap party last week. Of course, all thePb170040_1
pictures that Monk creator Andy Breckman took of me with Tony Shalhoub didn’t turn out. Pb170041
But here are a few that did…that’s me with Andy Breckman, Jason Gray Stanford and my daughter with Stanley Kamel. (Click on the pictures for larger images)

6 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap”

  1. Sure, all the pictures of you and Tony “didn’t come out”…
    And, sure, you wrote all those books you have listed on the right side of the screen…
    And, sure, you’re the brother of Tod Goldberg, who, as it’s well known, is 32 flavors of awesome.
    And, sure, Tod Golberg even exists. He’s not just a figment of your crazed, hallucinogenic imagination.
    We all believe you, Lee. What we just don’t understand is, why can’t you just be yourself?

  2. Scifi Chick,
    That looks great…and pretty darn close to how the actual photo might have looked if the camera settings were correct.


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