James Reasoner in the Flesh

JamesreasonerbillcavalierBill Crider pointed me to this newspaper photo of novelist James Reasoner (left) and Bill Cavalier (right) participating on a panel at Robert E. Howard Days, a salute to the CONAN author hosted by his hometown of Cross Plains, TX:

Fans and experts alike agreed Saturday that Robert E. Howard, the Cross Plains
fantasy writer who took his own life at the age of 30, would have become a giant
in his field if he had lived. The question, though, is exactly what field that
might have been.

I saw something in that photo I’ve never seen on a panel dias before. A can of OFF. Now that’s class. At least it wasn’t RAID.  (Click on the photo for a larger image).

3 thoughts on “James Reasoner in the Flesh”

  1. I always thought (personally) that Howard WAS a giant in his field. For quite a few years, his work pretty much defined mainstream fantasy.


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