Joys of Pitching 2

Before starting a pitch, I like to ask the execs what they are looking for. At a recent meeting at a network, the exec said:

“We’re wide open,” she said. “The only things we don’t want to hear are cop shows, science fiction shows, anything set in the past, military shows, buddy detectives or stuff with monsters.”

I could think of only one genre she left out. “What about a medical show?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “We don’t want those, either.”

1 thought on “Joys of Pitching 2”

  1. So, basically they wanted you to pitch them either another SitCom or a reality show?
    I sometimes wonder if television execs realize how jaded television viewers are these days. New shows seem to get 4 or 5 weeks to find an audience, if not then here comes the axe. It makes it difficult, as a television viewer, to develop any sort of vibe with any new television shows.


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