Just Like the Mail I Get

My old high school buddy Christine Ferreira sent me this hilarious email exchange, which comes frighteningly close to many that I've had with people who'd like me to work for free. Here's an excerpt:

From: Simon Edhouse
Date: Monday 16 November 2009 2.19pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Logo Design

Hello David,

I would like to catch up as I am working on a really exciting project at the moment and need a logo designed. Basically something representing peer to peer networking. I have to have something to show prospective clients this week so would you be able to pull something together in the next few days? I will also need a couple of pie charts done for a 1 page website. If deal goes ahead there will be some good money in it for you.


From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 16 November 2009 3.52pm
To: Simon Edhouse
Subject: Re: Logo Design

Dear Simon,

Disregarding the fact that you have still not paid me for work I completed earlier this year despite several assertions that you would do so, I would be delighted to spend my free time creating logos and pie charts for you based on further vague promises of future possible payment. Please find attached pie chart as requested and let me know of any changes required.

Regards, David.

Fwd Pie Charts %E2%80%94 Inbox 20091204 101416 This must be the funniest email conversation ever

7 thoughts on “Just Like the Mail I Get”

  1. I compile job listings for a freelance writing newsletter, which requires me to slog through Craigslist (the owner of the newsletter has a program that plucks listings from Craigslist and organizes them, but sometimes it doesn’t pick up enough), and the number of people who want writers to work for free is astonishing and incredibly stupid.
    I can’t match the genius of that pie chart, but related to that, I liked this true, pissed-off rant from someone sick of low rates:

  2. I love it. And yes, I’ve been there. What’s amazing is how indignant clients can get when you refuse to work for them again after they’ve stiffed you for a couple of grand. “Oh you’ll get your money, you just need to do this for me…” Riiiight.

  3. Choice! Thanks. I sent it around to “my set,” people who have an eating habit, like to be paid and are worth every cent. You can’t eat glory, exposure or promises.

  4. Rory, the Craigslist poster in question missed a glorious opportunity to take $25 for editing someone’s novel and sending it back without a single change. Isn’t that what the writer probably wanted to hear?

  5. The fellow who ranted on Craigslist made it even funnier by spelling it “plumming”. Sure, I’ll fix all your plumming for thirty bucks. Apricotting, now, that will be extra.


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