Killer Podcast

Author Lewis Perdue is podcasting his own audio version of his recent novel THE PERFECT KILLER. You can download the first two chapters for free and hear Lew reading the book himself.  Lew tells me that he’s found the experience "far harder than he ever imagined" but that he’s getting better at it as he goes along. Give it a listen and judge for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Killer Podcast”

  1. I live in LA, and I’ve often wondered how expensive it would be to simply hire an unemployed actor or actress to read my manuscript. I could then post the audio in the form of a podcast, like Lewis.
    I think they actually have schools for people who want to do voiceover work. Could I pay them minimum wage and get away with it? Just wondering.

  2. I considered something like that … but one of the key things is that reading the book is not exactly like reading lines … you need someone with the range to credibly read a variety of characters (male and female) without sounding forced or contrived …
    That said, there may be someone good out there who would be willing to do it for the CREDIT even more than for burger-flipping spare change.


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