King Kong

I haven’t seen KING KONG yet — but Ken Levine has.

What movie did the reviewers see? It was at least an hour too long. The
first hour. Wait for the DVD, skip to “they arrive” and start there,
keeping your finger on the ff button at all times. Trust me, by the
giant insects you’ll be pressing it as if it were a morphine drip.

We were told this was Peter Jackson’s homage to movies. We weren’t told it was his homage to all of them.

I think I’ll wait for the DVD.

9 thoughts on “King Kong”

  1. Don’t listen to that dude. The movie was awesome. Sure it was three hours, but it could have been even longer and not everything would have been covered. The bugs were creepy and that would be one thing I’d fast forward through when I get the DVD. Otherwise the rest of the movie was great. It’s your choice though. Spend the money at the theatre or wait for the DVD. Either way it’ll be well worth your time and money.

  2. With all due respect to Ken Levine, King Kong is really a movie that’s meant to be seen on a really big scene, not on DVD. Yes, the movie could have been trimmed down a bit here and there and no, its not the best movie of the year either, but its definitely worth paying $12 to see it in a theater.

  3. I too would urge you to see KING KONG in the theater — it’s dazzling, and while it could easily have been half an hour shorter, the spectacle is worth it.
    Oh, how I miss the Arclight…


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