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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of books. The one that gets me is Kathryn Rusch – prize winner in both sci-fi and mystery novels and short stories. I assume she types in her sleep.

  2. At first I found that link to be quite confusing and had to read it several time. Then I went over to her site and had a look at the list of books she’s written and co-written.
    I have to wonder how someone manages to write that many books. And get them all published. Well, since she’s an established writer with a track record and an agent, and seems to write what publishers what to buy aka what people want to ready, the getting them published part is not a mystery.
    What would be interesting to know is her methods, such how she creates outlines, how and if she follows them, how much she writes each day, what she does if she has a problem with thinking up ideas, etc.
    As Lee knows (because I cc’d him on the emails), I just got into a big fight with a guy who claims to be able to teach people to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, in 14 days. And while that guy may or may not have issues with how he promotes his lessons, and I haven’t been through all the material he sent me to review, one thing he did talk about was the speed-writing techniques used by big name writers like Mark Twain.

  3. I have the the ebook from the blocke who claims to be able to teach anybody how to write a book of fiction or non-fiction in 14 days. I think it works, to an extent but I don’t think I could write a book in 14 days following his guide, but have to say I have not tried, too lazy haha.


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