Lee Said Read

My Uncle Burl Barer has just landed a contract with Kensington for two more of his true crime books, the first of which has the great title MOM SAID KILL:

[It] will detail the shocking story of
Barbara and Heather Opel, mother and daughter, who murdered Barbara’s
generous employer in front of his elderly mother, made off with his
furniture and $40K from his bank account. Heather was about fourteen
years old at the time, and Mom promised her a new dirt bike for helping
in the murder. The kid never got the dirt bike.

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  1. When I found out, the Book, Mom Said Kill would be Published, it made me feel very angry! See this is Personal! I happened to be related to the Victims. The last thing our family needs is to rehash a horrible situation all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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