Left Coast Crime 4

I just got back to L.A. tonight… I’m sure you’ll be seeing a bunch of new posts after I unpack, read my mail, and catch up on the trades. In the mean time, here are some photos from the Left Coast Crime  conference… with more photos to come.  You can click on the pictures for a larger images. Joelleevictor

Up first are Joel Goldman, myself, and Victor Gischler at the big, mass signing on Friday night…just a few hours before Joel and Victor hit the dance floor. The next photo is me with Chicago Sun Times critic (and frequent commentor here)  Montgomerylee_1David Montgomery, who  left with a suitcase full of ARCs.  Criderleejpg That’s the multi-talented Bill Crider with his arm around me… and hey, look, Morrellleethere’s me with author David Morrell, co-president of the International Thriller Writers,  plotting world domination.Img_0568 Finally, here’s a big group photo of  the mob of us going to dinner on Wednesday night…I’m the guy you don’t see taking the picture. The folks are Nan Lyle, Mrs. Bob Levinson, Mr. Bob Levinson, Harley Jane Kozak,  Joel Goldman, Twist PhelanDr. Doug Lyle and Dan Hale.

9 thoughts on “Left Coast Crime 4”

  1. Well, damn! Didn’t anyone miss me? That’s okay…nevermind…I’ll just fade away. No..no…I insist. It’s okay. Hey, Bill? I’m sorry I couldn’t stand in for you on the panel I was supposed to on with you. And Lee? You don’t have to feel sorry for me for missing that panel with you and Konrath either. Honest. It’s okay…outta sight…outta mind. I understand. But David! etu?

  2. Of course I missed you, Elaine. Silly. I didn’t know you read Lee’s blog, though! I ran into Cornelia Read and we talked about you. I never got my hug, though.
    It’s a good thing you weren’t there to be on Joe’s panel…you’d have shot him.

  3. Awww…you missed me? Really and truly? Smooch to ‘ya.
    We’ll catch up at the Edgar’s okay?
    I’ve been lurking on Lee’s blog. Muhahahah.
    What? Cornelia didn’t give you the hug I sent? I keep telling her not to be intimidated by you…that you’re really-deep down-a sweetheart. 🙂 As for Konrath-it did cross my mind that I might have to kill him at some point. I couldn’t take my Ruger with me naturally, but I’m still good with a choke hold.


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