Lipstick Chronicles Finally Lives Up to Its Name

Author Sarah Strohmeyer talks about what she used to do for her husband all the time…but isn’t doing much lately.

I am speaking, of course, of that act one does for another in which
most of the sexual gratification goes to one partner. Oh, sure, you can
argue there’s some satisfaction for the provider. But let’s be honest.
One half gets all the treats. That’s why they call it a job.

When my husband and I were dating, I would impulsively perform this
act wherever, partially for the thrill of seeing the pure shock on his
chiseled face. Here he was, Ohio born and raised, an active member of
the Episcopal Church, a graduate of a staid all-boys school, and I was
doing this to him in a parking lot! The woods in broad daylight! On
Shaker Boulevard!

And he never had to ask. It just happened. I was like the magic girlfriend. Yippee!

In fairness, I never promised that this would be a permanent part of
our relationship. But was I going to point this out when he slipped
onto my finger a diamond-and-emerald ring with gold filigree (that he
designed)? Hell no.

This anecdote prompted author Harley Jane Kozak to reveal:

My husband, when we were dating, came to see me in Lincoln, Nebraska,
where I was doing a play one summer. I took him to Lincoln’s landmark
building, the state capitol, AKA "The Penis of the Plains" . . . and in
view of its nickname, and because we found a hallway on a floor that
seemed to have no occupants …

I can’t wait for more blow-by-blow accounts.

9 thoughts on “Lipstick Chronicles Finally Lives Up to Its Name”

  1. I suppose the name Gillian Taylforth wouldn’t mean much to a US audience? Thought not. But that’s who’s immediately leaping to mind.

  2. Ah, yes…the Before and After of Romance and Passion……..
    The fastest way to kill a woman’s sex drive and passion for carnal adventure? Feed her wedding cake……
    Why does the bride smile as she walks down the aisle? Because she knows she’s thrown her last BJ……
    Sorry…..a slightly cynical moment this morning…:)

  3. And I was afraid I would offend people with my guest blog. I will stop reading the Lipstick chronicles.
    Unless you keep on with the good stories.


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