Live and in the Flesh

My brother Tod and I will be signing our books and answering your questions about mystery writing, screenwriting, sex, horticulture, street paving, vanity presses, acne  and Lindsay Lohan’s nipples at:

Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, Saturday Nov. 12 at 2 pm

and again at

Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:30 pm.

We hope to see you there.

PS – That innocent mention of Lindsay Lohan’s nipples should bring me an extra 1000 hits by this time tomorrow. And those of you who came to this post because you were searching for Lindsay Lohan’s nipples should be ashamed of yourselves. What’s so special about Lindsay Lohan’s nipples anyway? Nipples are nipples. Are they any more nippular because they happen to be on Lindsay Lohan?

6 thoughts on “Live and in the Flesh”

  1. Lee
    Thanks to the occassional subliminal message pushing your new novel on this site, I have been Manchurianed into wanting it.
    However, over here in jolly old England it doesn’t appear to be available yet.
    Please advise.


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