13 thoughts on “Lori Prokop”

  1. Ha, I picked the right one, but only because it had that “infotainment” business feel to it.
    The others look either (a) professionally artistic or (b) like something from the faculty page from an underfunded liberal arts college.

  2. I will have to look on the cover of Jesus Teenager to find out, won’t I?
    I don’t know what she looks like, but “Book Millionaire” not only looks like a scam, anyone who goes to that site ought to be able to smell the b.s. coming off of it.

  3. “In her 10-years in television, Lori has held a combination of responsibilities including creator, executive producer, director, production consultant, host and co-host.” [From the Book Millionaire Official Website]
    Wow, 10 years eh? Search for Lori on TvTome.com and IMDB.com…. she ain’t anywhere on either site…hmmm
    Oh, and she’s second from the left

  4. Just wanted to say that she is the third person from the left (the first in color). I can say that definitively because I know her, I have been to her home and to her business.
    I am not going to get into anything here… people will have their opinions no matter how correct or biased.

  5. So I went to her site, and found the section on “what people are saying about Lori Prokop” – but when I googled the books and authors, the only references were to the same site I was on. Can Someone explain that?


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