“Lori Prokop, Do You Ever Stop Coming Up With Get-Rich-Quick Schemes?”

Remember Lori Prokop, the shameless get-rich-quick huckster behind the BOOK MILLIONAIRE  debacle? Well, she’s baaaack  with an all-new schtick (gee, Lori, whatever happened to "Book Millionaire?") Now she’s pitching a series of seminars and books called "How to Launch from Good To Great." 

I was being interviewed as an expert for a book on success. The author asked, "Lori Prokop, how do great leaders handle success?"

I replied, "Great leaders are not as devastated by failure or as elated by successes. They take both in stride knowing they will continue to experience both as they move forward. They are more excited by the insights and knowledge they master as a result of both success and failure."

Apparently, either all of Lori Prokop’s friends talk to her like the alien from STARMAN…or she’s written so much junk-mail, she can’t stop writing in the <insert-recipient-name here> format.

I recommend the words of a great mentor of mine, Ted Nicholas, when he advised me, "Lori Prokop, say these incredibly powerful words, ‘I forgive myself and others for mistakes of the past.’"

I also suggest to you what another great teacher said, "Lori Prokop, you cannot look rationally at the equation or steps which lead to any outcome until you have healed the negative or hurtful emotions attached."

The point of her newsletter is to steer you to her latest laundry-list of get-rich-quick schemes and seminars
("Podcasting for Fun and Profit!," "How I Developed My Child’s Genius
–And How You Can Do It Too!," "Develop Self-Confidence and Lose Your
Fears!" etc) A friend of mine said to me, "Lee Goldberg, how could anyone slog through Lori Prokop’s endless list of self-improvement and get-rich-quick seminars and not see right through her?" and  I replied, "I have no idea."

9 thoughts on ““Lori Prokop, Do You Ever Stop Coming Up With Get-Rich-Quick Schemes?””

  1. She is a entrepreneurial conundrum. While my first thought is, “hmm, she doesn’t want to work hard so she comes up with and sells all these schemes”, and then I follow it up with my second thought, “it must be hard work developing and keeping up with all those schemes!”

  2. And I said, Mark Terry, that is your name, isn’t it, Mark Terry, and doesn’t Marketing 101 say, Mark Terry, that in order for the public to remember something and take action, Mark Terry, they must be exposed, Mark Terry, to the product, Mark Terry, at least six times? Isn’t that, Mark Terry, what they say in Marketing 101?
    Mark Terry

  3. The way she repeats her name, speaking of herself in the thrid person, makes her sounds insecure. Kinda like, “I want to make sure you remember my name, Lori Prokop, in case you forgot it since I was announced.”
    Come to think of it, it’s a bit condescing as well.

  4. Someone started going through the book millionaire stuff last week. 😀
    I won’t say a lot at this time… but I can tell you she is a real person and what she does seems to work… FOR HER. I have insider info but basically am afraid to share… don’t like lawsuits you know.

  5. Lori’s Ever-Changing Claims

    Lori Prokop, online huckster and the originator of the Book Millionaire scam, posts this claim on her website: “I’ve never seen anything like your four hour book signing at Barnes and Noble in Las Vegas. More than 1,174 people gladly


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