LOST Novel Author Outed

Variety has revealed that "Gary Troup," the fictional author of the LOST tie-in novel BAD TWIN, is actually acclaimed novelist Laurence Shames.

Insiders say writers on "Lost" were asked to provide a list of elements that Shames could incorporate into the novel. But the author had his own vision and wound up including only a few of the elements.

[…]Show staffers also were frustrated that the book referenced copyrighted elements for which the publisher had not sought clearances, saying it would make it difficult to use those elements on-air.

But Hyperion told ABC that, like all publishers, it doesn’t normally seek clearances on copyrighted items in its novels. The house also said the book’s production schedule could have been held up if such clearances were sought.

6 thoughts on “LOST Novel Author Outed”

  1. Laurence Shames is a terrific writer. His comic capers set in the Florida Keys (“Florida Straits,” “Scavenger Reef,””Sunburn, et al) are smart, witty, and fun. Obviously, his name is not branded the way “Lost” is…but Lee, why would he use a nom de plume? I’d be more inclined to buy the book if I saw his name on the cover.

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t interested in the book before (even though I watch Lost), but now I may pick it up.
    Makes you wonder how unintentional that “leak” was?

  3. He’s using a nom de plume because the book is supposed to have been written by a passenger on the plane that crashed in the Lost pilot. That they are now letting it be known that Shames is the real author suggests they’ve gotten all the mileage they can out of the fictional story, and are hoping for some bounce off Shames’ name. Oh, and off the ridiculous “the Lost staff is furious because Shames revealed things he wasn’t supposed to reveal” quotes. Oh, yes, somehow he got access to top secret Lost plot info — as if the show is actually plotted more than two episodes in advance — and then worked it into the book, revealing in advance the truth behind the mysteries of season three.
    Might as well just take out a full-page ad in TV Guide: Suckers, line up here!

  4. Paul,
    He didn’t use his own name because “Gary Troup” was on Oceanic flight 83 when it crashed on the island. They’ve already established the author’s name for us fans.
    Not that I know yet if I want to buy the book or not.

  5. Ah, now I get it. Obviously, readers here are more tuned in than I am. I’m way behind in my television viewing. Can’t wait to see this hip new show called “L.A. Law.”

  6. I never watched “Lost”, so when I saw the book in PW with the sob story about Gary Troup being probably dead, I got confused. I knew no plane had gone down between Australia and LA. To be honest, I felt duped. Maybe because, like Paul, I’m still watching “L.A. Law”. And “Kate and Allie”.


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