“Lost” Rumors

The rumor around the TV biz today is that there’s been a big shake-up behind-the-scenes on ABC’s LOST… and that “Nash Bridges” creator/showrunner Carlton Cuse has been brought in to run the writing staff under exec-producer JJ Abrams.

Keep in mind, it’s just a rumor at this point…but if it’s true, it raises lots of questions about the surprise hit of the new season. What were the problems at LOST? Was Abrams unhappy with the creative direction of the show… or was it the network? What will the new creative direction be? And why bring pick Cuse, whose background is primarily cop shows?

3 thoughts on ““Lost” Rumors”

  1. Conversation between ABC exec and Abrams:
    ABC: JJ, baby, the show’s a perfect ten. We’d like to kick it up a notch and bring in Carlton Cruse to help you.
    Abrams: Why? What can Cruse do?
    ABC: He can make the show go to eleven.
    Abrams: Well, if we already raised the bar, why not make that ten and just make all the other shows have to strive for that?
    ABC [Befuddled]: This would go up to eleven.


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