Lots of Killing

maddiesignsThat’s the title of my daughter Madison’s first novel in her “Adventures of Kitty Wonder” series… which she wrote, illustrated, edited, and published, just in time for my signings at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks and the Mystery Book Store in Westwood. I’m pleased to say she captivated the audience and sold out her entire first printing.

Aldo Calcagno, aka The Mystery Dawg, was kind enough to report on the event on his blog… and post some pictures… one of which I borrowed to illustrate this post.

Maddie’s books are about the adventures of the Kitty Crew… Earthquake Kitty (who has the power to stop earthquakes with a special gadget), Hole Kitty (who’s job is to be nice and kind to other people except monsters, which she gladly kills) and Super Kitty (who’s job it is help people when they fall out of bed). Together they are a crime fighting team who take on thieves, Giant Robots (in the sequel, “Robots Fighting”) and mutated piranha.

The characters are inspired by the stuffed Beatrix Potter Tom Kittens she’s kept as her “security blanket”/”cuddle toy.” One kitty she’s had since her days in a crib (Hole Kitty), one was stowed in her pre-school earthquake kit to comfort her in case of disaster (Earthquake Kitty), and the other (Super Kitty) was a spare we kept in case the other two beloved stuffed animals ever got trashed…hence their names and super powers.

Maddie’s publisher informs me the books are going into a second printing just as soon as she gets a new printer cartridge…which means the 25 folks who bought the first printing now have a valuable collector’s item…

3 thoughts on “Lots of Killing”

  1. Lee,
    How fantastic!!!!!!! You definatly show in the picture as a very proud Dad! Tell Madison ‘Congratulations’ for me and I do hope she’ll continue with her writing.
    Looking foward to her next project!

  2. The pics of your daughter signing books are great! I’m not sure we need more competition, though. 🙂
    By the way, to continue the conversation which got buried on Crime Fiction Dossier…
    The Spenser script that I really enjoyed was the one where he can’t sleep. You really nailed the tone.
    I, too, wish they’d issue the series in DVD. It remains one of my favorites.


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