Low Carb Madness

A year ago, I lost 20 pounds on the Atkins Diet… then I broke both my arms and, over the following months, gained most of the weight back. It’s hard to stick to a diet when you’re being hand-fed, you’re in tremendous pain, and you want all the comfort food you can get.

Now I’m getting back on the Atkins diet and am healed enough (after two surgeries) to engage in some cautious exercise. I’m counting carbs again and loading up on those helpful Atkins products.  Is it just me, or have they changed the formula of those Atkins bars? They don’t taste like chemical-covered sawdust anymore. They actually taste good. Or am I delusional?

It’s easy for me to stick to the Atkins diet. I love meat. There are some drawbacks, though.
Not to sound like my brother Tod, but it sure would be nice  to have a bowel movement some time this month…

(Is Atkins a cult? Check out Patrick Hynes’ amusing essay)

6 thoughts on “Low Carb Madness”

  1. As a schmuck with a biology degree I can’t help but think the Atkins diet is a sham and dangerous to health. Besides the constipation colesterol is also a concern. I don’t buy it and lowered my weight with fiber and a eliminating red meat completely. Watch the transfats too.


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