Man of Action

I am off to Germany again on Wednesday to work with my good friends at Action Concept and won’t be returning until Dec. 16.  So don’t be surprised if my postings here are sporadic. I am in the midst of writing a two-hour movie/pilot that will be shot in English in Berlin. If all goes well, it could go into production as early as this February. So I am off to do some pre-production work and meet with the German network that’s involved.  I’ll tell you more about the movie…and some of the other projects I’ve been working on… if and when they get closer to your TV, movie theater and computer screens (I am also involved in a very exciting, major web project that blends gaming and scripted drama in a new way).

You may have noticed I don’t talk much here about my TV and feature work.  Frankly, I don’t like to talk about specific projects that I am writing until they are in production…and there’s actually going to be  something for you to see. Speaking of which, Bill Rabkin and I wrote an episode of the USA Network series PSYCH that will be airing some time in January…

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