Mandrill5I loved this movie. In many ways, MANDRILL is as much a loving Bond spoof as the French OSS 117 films with Jean Dujardin…though not nearly as broadly comical. Everything about the film is brilliantly on-target, from the staging to the John Barry/David Arnold-esque music. The movie is structurally an homage to DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (stealing the teaser almost beat-for-beat) and yet surprisingly original, too.  As a child, Mandrill sees his parents killed and grows up seeking revenge against their murderer. The clever twist here is that Mandrill intentionally models himself on "John Colt," a cheesy 70s Bond/Shaft/Flint character. So you get a spoof within an homage. Cheeky. If you are fan of Bond films, Blaxploitation, and Eurospy movies, this is a must-see. Now I have to find the soundtrack!

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  1. Check out Mirageman, same director and actor. Easily my favorite superhero movie. (Of course, I can’t stand the Iron Man films, so …)


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