Mann_steve_erhardt_dpaHollywood hairdresser Steve Erhardt has spent $250,000 on 30 cosmetic surgeries  and this is the result. Frightening, isn’t it? ET Online reports:

What started in 1987 as a nose job soon became an obsession. Steve went to the same doctor that worked on Michael Jackson,
and intending only to get rhinoplasty, he also ended up getting a cleft
chin. From there, Steve went on to get a facelift and lid work and has
since added such things as pec implants, bicep implants (he was the
first person to ever have that type of work done) and even painful butt
implants, one of the most difficult surgeries to perform for both
doctor and patient.

What does he look like now?

163x228_kendoll_050817_se"A Mandroid!"

"A freak!"

"A gay cyborg!"

"Hunter Tylo!"

10 thoughts on “Mandroid”

  1. Looking at his shorts, he possibly should have had a penis enlargement (no, not on his head) too. He surely must get the same spam e-mails that I do, asking me if I suffer from erectile deficiencies?
    Oh well, if all else fails, he could possibly be an extra on ‘Queer As Folk’ (The American version of course).
    He could play the male blow-up doll that gets gang-banged frequently.
    Just a thought.

  2. I have actually seen this guy in person and with all the surgery and the greased/moussed hair I’ve always thought he looks like a very bad James Bond villain (The Roger Moore years). Now that I know this guy spent $250K for this, I really think of him as a victim.

  3. He has “body dysmorphic syndrome”. It’s a preoccupation with a nonexistent or slight defect in one’s appearance. These people are never happy with the way they look, and they haunt plastic surgeons’ offices, demanding surgery. They’re pitiful and annoying.
    And possibly dangerous, from what my surgeon friends tell me, if these patients think a doctor has “disfigured” them.
    (just some of the useless stuff I happen to know.)


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