Me on Me

Writer/producer/screenwriter David Simkins (DRESDEN FILES, BRISCO COUNTY, ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, etc.) and writer/producer/author Marc Scott Zicree (TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION, MAGIC TIME, SLIDERS etc.) came over to my house and interviewed me for their on-going podcast conversation about tv, movies, and sci-fi.

Lee Goldberg's resumé reads like a TV what’s-what for the last twenty years. He’s
staffed shows, ran shows, written, directed and produced them in the
U.S. and Europe. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a published
novelist. Next up: splitting the atom. Listen in.

Under their intense interrogation ("Hello, Lee, how are you?"), I don't shut up for an hour-and-a-half.

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  1. The Wild Wild Ross Martin

    Writer/producers David Simkins and Marc Scott Zicree have teamed up for a series of podcast interviews with writers, producers and actors. They came over to my house and taped one with me the other day. But I’m sure my interview…

  2. Really an entertaining listen. I particularly liked the contrasting stories of your differences with Dick Van Dyke and Sammo Hung and how those two handled themselves during those differences. Also your philosophy on putting together a writing staff was very refreshing.
    I listened to Zicree’s interview with Ross Martin as well and was impressed by how seriously he took his work. He neared pomposity at times, but in the end, he came off as earnest and just plain nice.


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