Men of Mystery

Yesterday, Tod and I attended the sixth annual Men of Mystery event — where 62 mystery authors hob-nob at the Irvine Marriott with 550 hot, sweaty, lusty female fans.  The objects of the women’s insatiable desire this time included Barry Eisler, J.A. Konrath, Gregg Hurwitz, Sean Doolittle, Thomas Perry, Eddie Muller, Gar Anthony Haywood, Nathan Walpow, Rob Roberge, David Corbett, Paul Levine, Mark Haskell Smith, Terrill Lee Lankford, Gary Phillips, Dick Lochte, Tom Nolan and Dean Koontz. As usual, I had a terrific time. I’ll leave it to my brother Tod to blog about the snarky details. The big surprise of the day was the announcement that MofM organizser Joan Hansen has been awarded The Raven by the Mystery Writers of America, which she certainly deserves.

Afterwards, Tod and I scooted down to the Barnes & Noble in Aliso Viejo where we discussed writing for two hours with a dozen friendly folks and managed to sell a whopping one book each. Ah, the glitz and glamor of being a Man of Mystery.

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