3 thoughts on “Mid-Season”

  1. I just want a couple of things out of the second half of the ’05/’06 television season. And most of it isn’t those shows. I’m looking forward to the season premiere of Scrubs, Michael J. Fox guest starring on Boston Legal, the return of Monk, the Hallmark movies with Dick Van Dyke and possibly another thing or two. I’ve seen some of those promos for the other shows and I’m not impressed.

  2. Just ordered Successful Television Writing. I’m new to your wonderful blog. I learned about you from Paul Guyot’s blog, another wonderful site I visit daily.

  3. I’ve had it with TV. Normally, I’m a little rankled when they cancel a new show I enjoy after only a few episodes. Then I found out FOX is canning REUNION, and we’ll never know who killed Samantha Brewster.
    Sorry, but that tears it. No more new shows for me.
    I know, it was a silly show, but a good concept, and I liked it.


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