Mission Accomplished: Hardman is Back

I can’t believe this day has finally come — all 12 of Ralph Dennis’ HARDMAN novels are back in print in new ebook and paperback editions (and in audio for the first 4 titles) If I’d known how much time it would take, and how much money it would cost, I’m not sure that I would have embarked on the quest.
But I am so glad that I did. Not just because the books are back in print, but for the journey itself. If not for Hardman, I never would have launched Brash Books five years ago with my good friend Joel Goldman (with the invaluable day-to-day guidance of Denise M. Fields), and I never would have experienced the honor & joy of publishiing amazing new novels by Phillip Thompson, Leo W. Banks, Robert E. Dunn Phoef Sutton, Robin Burcell, Mark Rogers, Craig Faustus Buck, Michael Genelin, Warren Ripley, Gerald Duff, Jack Bunker, and Patrick E. McLean…as well as bringing back-into-print 80 other crime novels by some of the most talented and acclaimed authors in the business.
It’s a big day for me, but I’m just getting started. There are more of Ralph’s novels coming soon…and a lot more reprints and never-before-published new books representing “the best crime novels in existence.” It a brash claim, and one I hope to keep making for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Hardman is Back”

  1. This is all very fun to read about! Guess the writer in me is living vicariously through you, Lee. I admire the huge challenge you have taken on with Ralph Dennis’ work. BTW…I keep seeing “Leonard Goldberg” as writer on many TV series I watch…any relationship? Ian Ludlow walks pretty close to that line!
    I downloaded the first 7 or so books onto my Kindle of The Dead Man story. I don’t even mind that sometimes Matt Cahill, The Protagonist, gets beat up, dumped, walks almost everywhere and never mumbles a word [seriously] about quitting. He thinks about it, but obviously hasn’t done it yet. He also keeps doing naughty things and I think, ” Yeah, Yeah! That’s what I’d do too!” [If I only had 30″ biceps and was 30 years younger….oh, yeah, and a man.]
    Keep writing. You know you have a hooked reader when that person talks to the book! [Like trying to tell Matt Cahill he should have seen that coming.]….Unless of course this is The Dark Tower all over again. That left me bummed out for several years and I wouldn’t get another Stephen King book for about 4 years after that. I think he owed his readers better than that. I know, I know, they can’t all live happily ever after, but…….

    • I’m no relation to Leonard Goldberg. I’m glad you’re enjoying the DEAD MAN novels and hope you enjoy the HARDMAN books as well.


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