Mom with Celebs

I spent Thanksgiving day sorting through boxes of my Mom's photos, figuring out which ones we wanted to keep and have digitized. It was actually a great way to spend the day. There was a lot of laughter and good memories. 

My Mom was a newspaper "society editor," which is a fancy way of saying that she got paid to go to parties and write about them. It was the perfect job for her. So we came across quite a few pictures of her with celebrities over the years. Here's a very small sampling.



3 thoughts on “Mom with Celebs”

  1. Very nice pictures. Your mom must have been very outgoing to have a job like that. She looks like she was enjoying herself very much.

  2. I spent several days going through pictures before my mom’s memorial service. It was a wonderful few days of reliving memories that had grown faint or disappeared completely. Your mom’s pics are especially wonderful. Glad you got the opportunity to savor them and their memories.

  3. Wow, that’s a job that I want the most. Going to parties and socializing with the elites. Plus, I get paid for doing it. If that’s my job, I’ll never retire from it. I envy her. She’s got a picture with one of the most influential people in the world: former US president Clinton, haha.


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