Mr. Monk Meets Lee

Monk_desktop800x600_allNow that the deal is officially done, I can share the news… in addition to continuing to write my series of DIAGNOSIS MURDER tie-ins, I will also be writing original novels based on MONK (a series I’ve written
episodes for in the past).  The scary thing is I only have eight weeks to write the book. I’ve never written an original novel in eight  weeks…so this should be fun.  But hey, I hear that sleeping, showering, and going to the bathroom are over-rated anyway.

12 thoughts on “Mr. Monk Meets Lee”

  1. Sounds promising.
    Now to an odd question: What is the probability of Columbo turning up on an episode of MONK? I think, given they are such opposites, it would make for an interesting storyline.

  2. Major question:
    Will Monk be with Sharona or that new chick?
    And yes, it affects whether or not I will buy the novel.

  3. But hey, I hear that sleeping, showering, and going to the bathroom are over-rated anyway.
    But have you tried doing them all at the same time?

  4. _Cool. Monk is my favourite cop show (well while Sharona & the young cop banter is included).
    _Of course, part of what hooked ‘me’ was that the first season was shot here in T.O. – it’s always fun to spot real life backdrops.
    _Best wishes.

  5. Yeah! One of my favorite TV shows.
    But 8 weeks? Is that just the first one or for every one?
    I’ll ask the question everyone else is asking – Sharona or Natalie? I like them both, so either is fine with me.
    And when is the first one due out?

  6. Congrats Lee! I love Monk (or like the previous poster, loved Monk back in the Sharona days. Any chance that you can explain the giant HOLE in the plot with Sharona’s departure?
    Have fun driving back from the central states!

  7. Great Lee! I’ve loved your DM books and I’m a great fan of Monk. I’ll wait with barely bated breath.
    Now an extravagent wish for some inside shmooze, because I happen to be working on a spec Monk episode.
    Since Monk has been picked up for another go around, did the movers and shakers happen to pass any information to you about the future of the show? Of course there has been the cast change to Traylor Howard, but anything else?

  8. I appreciate all the enthusiasm and good wishes… I’m going to need all the positive vibes I can get!
    The books will reflect the show as it is now… so the stories will be about Monk and Natalie, not Sharona. The first book will be out in January 2006 to coincide with the premiere of the new season (yes, MONK is coming back).

  9. Congratulations Lee!
    Monk is one of my favorite shows right now.
    I really enjoy the “Mr. Monk Goes To Mexico” episode.
    I watch it every now & again.
    It cracks me up!
    I don’t mind the new episodes with Traylor Howard as Natalie.
    I feel they made a good choice in Ms. Howard.
    I was wondering if this means you may write another episode of the series?
    Hope so!
    Well good luck with the deadline.
    I’ll be buying a copy, or two!


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