More on Interactive Webcast

The folks at Maverick Entertainment have created this ad for the Oct 4, 6 p.m. interactive webcast, where I will be talking, and taking your questions, about the movie FAST TRACK and my MONK novels (Click on the image for a larger view). I’ll be posting more details here over the next few days on how you can participate.


3 thoughts on “More on Interactive Webcast”

  1. i like how your pic size fails in comparison to ACTOR Andrew Walker
    at least they didn’t cut your face in half
    props on a full face pic, Lee
    props on your face!

  2. well i take back the “face” props and now Andrew Walker still reigns supreme
    though he is missing a left arm
    but we will let that slide
    YOU ROCK LEE – kill it on Oct. 4


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