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Now Playing Magazine interviewed GALACTICA executive producer Ron Moore about what he has in mind for season three…

“The end of the season is quite a shake-up,” acknowledges Moore. “The
Cylons show up and all hell breaks loose. Essentially, season three is
going to deal with the Cylon occupation of the Colonials on New
Caprica. The sort of archetype that we’re talking about is like Vichy
France: There’s a Colonial government run by President Baltar that is
collaborating with the Cylons, while the humans put together an
insurgent resistance against the occupation. It’s a pretty big twist.”

“Adama and the Galactica and Pegasus are gone, and they’re sort of
trying to get their act together to figure out a way to come back and
rescue [the Colonials],” continues Moore. “And season three will start
off in that world of the Cylon occupation.”

None of which is to say that Battlestar Galactica should be renamed Occupation New Caprica.
No, never fear, for Adama, Roslin, and the rest of the gang will
eventually resume their search for Earth. But the Cylons will continue
to get plenty of screen time as well.

6 thoughts on “More on Galactica”

  1. I have yet to see Galactica. I’ll have to check it out.
    I was recently turned on to Serenity and was surprised that I liked it quite a bit. So I checked out the series that spawned it, Firefly, and was also pleasantly surprised.
    Both had elements of things we’ve seen before, but then what show doesn’t. For that matter, what book doesn’t?
    Bottom line, of course, is execution and you could tell that everyone involved with this show did it with love for the genre.

  2. They really shook things up with that season ender, didn’t they? Of course they did the same thing last season, with Adama wounded and the president jailed. I have a kind of love hate thing going on with this series. It’s almost too edgy for me. Yet I keep watching…

  3. heh…I’ve got the BG jones so bad that my veins pop when the commercial trailers come on. Only the fact that Who is coming on next Fri to sorta take it’s place will keep me from suffering the same withdrawal I went through last time. I am soooo, sooo a goner with this series.

  4. Barbara – Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t made the connection that WHO was coming in as a replacement for BSG. Thanks for the save. Perhaps now the withdrawal cramps will subside a bit.


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