Mr. Monk and the New Author

MM_Gets_EVEN_mmGood news: My friend Hy Conrad, a writer/producer on MONK from day 1, is the new author of the MONK books! He will be picking up the story right where I left off with my last book, MR. MONK GETS EVEN, which comes out in December. Hy is a terrific writer, a great mystery-plotter, and has written many beloved episodes of show. Fans of the MONK books can rest easy — the series couldn't be in better hands!

9 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the New Author”

  1. Here you have the reason that the Monk novels are so successful:
    The operation is kept in-house.
    Hy Conrad will hit the ground running (if Adrian Monk would permit such an earthy metaphor …).
    And I guess I’d better clear more shelf space.

  2. You Monk stories were rich and funny and tender. I read most of them and enjoyed each one. Thank you for writing them. You lifted me up.

  3. lee thank you for the enjoyment of reading each book,and I will be looking forward to the new writers work .thank you,you are a great writer and if this guy can do half of what you did it’ll be great.thanks matt baxter

  4. Awesome to know that the books are going to continue especially with a writer as uniquely qualified to write about Monk as Mr. Conrad is.


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