Mr. Monk and the Ride of a Lifetime

 Tracy Farnsworth at Roundtable Review gave MR. MONK GOES TO GERMANY a rave review. She writes, in part:

Quite simply, the best praise I can give a book is by saying that my teen son picked it up, read it in one sitting and then announced it was just as good, perhaps better, than an actual television episode. As the television season for Tony Shalhoub’s fascinating character Monk tends to be sporadic, it is thrilling to be able to fill the gaps with Monk novels.
[…] MR.MONK GOES TO GERMANY is one of the best Monk novels to go to print. I laughed hysterically at times and felt truly sorry for all Monk went through at others. The novel gets hold of your emotions and takes you on the ride of a lifetime.
Once again, Lee Goldberg does such an incredible job with everyone from the show and creates a novel that makes you feel as though you’re watching it on television. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Monk in the next novel.

Thank you, Tracy!

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