Mr. Monk is Slightly Less Miserable

The first reviews of MR. MONK IS MISERABLE have started coming in. Publishers Weekly was lukewarm ("This one's likely to divert only die-hard fans of the TV show"), Harriett Klausner loved it (and you know how rare that is), and Mark Baker at Eopinions gave it a rave, so naturally he's the one I'm gonna quote here:

"Those familiar with the TV show know that it is as much comedy as mystery.  That holds true here as well.  I was laughing pretty hard at many things over the course of the book.  There is a sub-plot introduced in the second half that fans of the TV show will especially find hilarious.  It may have been my favorite part of the book, in fact. As any fan of the TV series know, when Mr. Monk is Miserable, we benefit."

In other MONK book news, the German edition of MR. MONK GOES TO GERMA51krmQ3ebbL._SS500_NY came out yesterday and I'm told it is already getting lots of press. The translator of the book tells me that the entire first printing sold out before publication to the people of Lohr, where the book takes place.

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  1. I’m sure you have no control over it, but it’s an odd choice of expression for Tony Shalhoub on the Mr. Monk is Miserable cover, given the title of the book. It’s also interesting that they didn’t translate the title on Mr. Monk in Germany. I wonder if all Germans know what English speakers call Deutschland.

  2. I was suprised to find that the library had the copy of Mr. Monk is Miserable waiting for me today. I will let you know what I think of the book. I’m sure I’ll love it. 🙂


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