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Two rave reviews for MR. MONK ON THE ROAD just came my way, both from long-time fans of the books. Debra Hamel at Bookblog says, in part:

Goldberg’s books aren’t only about the crimes. More important are the series’s wonderful characters. The development of Monk and Natalie’s relationship over the series makes for many sweet moments, but in this outing the focus is on Ambrose’s interaction with Monk and Natalie and with the world at large. As usual in the series, there is some very funny dialogue. Usually this is centered on Monk’s abhorrence of all things unsanitary, but Ambrose’s social ineptitude also makes for some funny lines. I really enjoyed this one and the series as a whole, and I’m hoping the books never stop coming. 

Ed Gorman liked it for a lot of the same reasons. He says, in part:

Lee Goldberg has cast the new and extremely enjoyable Monk book as a picaresque adventure.[…]I’ve given up trying to rank the Monk books. I’ve read them all and think they each have different pleasures to offer, which is a tribute to Lee’s savvy as a writer. But I have to say that putting both the Monks in a RV with Natalie-take-no-crap-Teeger has got to be the funniest premise yet. A truly hilarious read with a surprise shout-out to the movie “Duel” coming out of nowhere. Among many other surprises.

Thank you Ed and Debra for the great reviews and the continued support!

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  1. I’ve never seen the TV show but have heard good things about it. So, I picked up a “Monk” book to read. And then I kept reading. In one month (April 2011), I’ve read every one of Lee Goldberg’s “Monk” books and have recommended them all. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Hi, Lee! I’ve just finished reading “Mr. Monk on the Road” (yes, all in one go!). I’ve read all of your Monk novels and I love them. This one was especially good. Natalie’s remark about sending a memo to God about the problem with giraffe’s necks in proportion to their bodies actually did make me laugh out loud! Then my kids were all “What are you laughing at? Can we read it?” (Me: “No. It’s a grown up book. There are PG13 references in it.” My 12 year old “Awwww, no fair.” Me: Go back to your Harry Potter- I’ll give you the Monk series when you start high school.” Him: “Ok!”)
    Anyway. Thanks for your Monk novels, Lee. Please keep writing as many as possible. I cried when the show ended (because it was bittersweet and also because it was over. You know what I mean.) and I love reading your novels because I love picturing Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine and Traylor Howard as Monk, Captain Stottlemeyer and Natalie driving each other crazy. Your writing style is brilliant and I’m a fan for life.
    Waiting impatiently for “Mr. Monk on the Couch” to come out next month,
    Jenny (blogging at The Modest Peacock in Douglasville, GA


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