Mr. Monk and the New Book

Today my third original MONK novel MR.
  will be appearing on shelves in bookstores
nationwide. Here’s what the book is about:

Monk is horrified when he learns there’s
going to be a blue flu in San Francisco—until Capt. Stottlemeyer explains that
it just means the police plan to call in "sick" until they get a better
contract. The good news is the labor dispute will give Monk a chance to get back
on the force. The bad news is it means he’ll be a "scab"—and he doesn’t like the
sound of that either.

But before he knows it, Monk has his badge back, and his own squad to
command. Unfortunately, some of the squad members make Monk look like a paragon
of mental health. But despite the challenges, they’ll have to pull together to
catch an astrologer’s killer, solve a series of mysterious fatal assaults, and
most importantly, clean up their desks…

Monk has been working for years to get his badge back, so I thought it would
be fun to see what would happen if he finally got his wish…if only for a
while….and to see him in an entirely different situation than he’s ever been
in before. I’ve been toying with the idea of a "Blue Flu" story ever since I was
first approached to write original Monk novels…but somehow it didn’t seem
right to me as the way to kick-off the series of books.

Part of the fun of doing these books for me is the chance to explore aspects
of Monk’s character that haven’t been dealt with yet on the TV series or, as is
the case with MR.
, go places and do things that the TV series can’t
for various logistical and production reasons. I’m thinking about sending Monk
to Europe for an upcoming book, but we’ll see what happens.

If you would like a signed, personalized copy of MR.
  they are available through Mysteries
To Die For
in Thousand Oaks, California. They will be glad to take your
order online and send books almost anywhere in the world.

By the way, this is the last original MONK novel to premiere in
paperback…with the next book, MR. MONK AND THE TWO ASSISTANTS, the
series is jumping to hardcover. That book comes out in July 2007 and, as
you can probably guess from the title, is about the surprising return of
Sharona, Monk’s first assistant. You can find a teaser chapter for TWO
in the back of MR.

15 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the New Book”

  1. Although the book was very good, I was disappoined in Disher (again). I appreciate the scene where the Cap. told us why he respected Disher, but the story wouldn’t have been affected if his scenes were written out. Maybe I should just not expect anything as far as Disher storyline & then I’ll be surprised when it comes along.

  2. I know the title of the books, but these books should show the same character development for all the characters. The Cap and Natalie are getting lots of development and story involvment in the books. Heck, Julie has more storyline and character develpment than Disher does, and she’s only a semi-regular character.

  3. As far as Disher goes, I think that so far I have given him the same amount of emphasis as he gets in the TV series…no more, no less. But don’t be surprised if he gets a major role in a future book.

  4. I also think that you should just email me the Two Assistants manuscript….Just in case – the world ends or I die before Summer 2007…

  5. Ann,
    One more thing on the Disher subject. Julie may seem to get more character development in the books because she’s the most important person in the world to Natalie, who is narrating the stories and is her Mom. Her daughter is always going to be more prominent in Natalie’s life, and in her thoughts, than Disher.

  6. I really liked the book. I bought it and two minutes later went to the Starbucks connected to the bookstore to sit down and read. I got myself a hot drink because it was cold and rainy outside, settled myself down in a vacant armchair and began reading. I didn’t really stop except to take a drink every so often and I finished the book in two hours.
    I was interrupted at one point by a man who had to try hard to get my attention because my hair was in my face, I was listening to my iPod and I was intently focused on the book. He only did so because he was curious if the book was as good as the show. I told him it was really good and we got to talking about the episode of Monk where he played Santa Claus. Now, normally I don’t mind talking to people about great TV shows and stuff, but I was reading my book. I WAS READING!!! I hate being interrupted when I read because then I have a difficult time getting back into the story, but luckily he left and I was able to get back into it.
    Anyway, it’s nice to know that there’s another Monk fan in the world, but please don’t interrupt me when I’m reading.
    Great book though. I really did like it.

  7. Lee,
    Re: Julie…they shouldn’t be!
    Just kidding.
    PLEASE, more Disher, though. I’m begging. Really. This is me begging. I know I’m not good at it – it sounds more like whining, but it’s really begging.
    Now I’m rambling, so I’ll post now.

  8. I read this book, thanks to Teresa from Monk fun page, she send to me the book. And what can I say now? It’s terrific! I can’t wait on Mr. Monk and the two Assistants. The little spot of this book on the end ‘Blue Flu’ is that great, so I think the whole book will be like that. Lee, may I ask you how many pages this book will be have?

  9. Hey just read this book it was great I also recently read the first to and I give them 2 thumbs up! I am looking forward to more Monk books and I think I’ll begin reading some of your other books. 🙂
    Thanks for the great work Lee!


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