Mr. Monk and the Signing

I had a great time today at Mysteries to Die For, where I participated in a lively panel discussion about book critics with Dick Adler (of the Chicago Tribune) and Dick Lochte (of the LA Times  and also an acclaimed mystery novelist in his own right), bookseller Richard Brewer, and authors Bob Levinson, John Shannon, and Terrill Lee Lankford. The funniest comment came from a woman in the audience. When she reads a book that sucks, she sends it to prison.  She doesn’t give it Goodwill, or donate it to the library, or even toss it in the trash. No, she puts the book in a padded envellope and sends it to her local prison. At least she doesn’t make the authors do hard time. 

The panel event was followed by a discussion/booksigning for MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE.  Boths were well-attended and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces (like Teresa Murray of the MONK FUN PAGE and Mark Baker, diehard DM fan and Amazon book critic) and meeting so many new people. I should write books more often!

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  1. I had a fun time at the signing ~~ and even beforehand: when I met the delightful Mrs. Dick Adler, who had come outside for a break when I arrived; afterwards: dinner at Claim Jumper and the highly recommended Chicken Pot Pie that lived up to Lee’s glowing review; and serendipitously ending up at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza next door to the restaurant for an Elvis Impersonator concert!


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