My First Time

You can watch the SPENSER: FOR HIRE episode "If You Knew Sammy," the first produced teleplay by me & William Rabkin, here. It's absolutely free and features future movie star William H. Macy in a supporting role, which he would reprise in our sequel episode, "Play it Again, Sammy" (which was a back-door pilot).

7 thoughts on “My First Time”

  1. I enjoyed the episodes. I never watched the show and never read the novels until after the series ended.
    But I did watch the one year of A Man Called Hawk. Did you and your partner write any of those shows?

  2. Thankfully, no, though we would have gladly taken the assignment if it had come along. We wrote for anybody who would hire us.

  3. Hi
    I’ve just recently discovered your blog. I like it, very insightful and entertaining. I always enjoyed Spenser:for hire and the Parker novels of Spenser.
    I wonder, have you ever written any comics book scripts?


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