My Evil Doubles

I was procrastinating this morning, so I decided to see what folks were saying about me in the blogosphere (via Blogpulse). And I found this:

My friends at WJBQ made mention
of the blog again yesterday…and let the cat out of the bag that I love
Lee Goldberg.

Surely she’s not talking about me. So who is this Lee Goldberg who fills her heart with passionate yearning? Who torments her nights with unquenchable lust? I had to find out. So I searched the web for my evil, sexy double…


LeeLee_goldberg  Goldberg1Grne0712_smPierce7

5421158Here are few of the "Lee Goldbergs" out there.   I’m surprised by how many of them are writers or TV Goldbergsdnewscasters. I wonder if they get hate mail from fanficcers, too?

2 thoughts on “My Evil Doubles”

  1. Anybody who knows you couldn’t possibly be fooled by any of these poseurs. On the other hand, if there were a picture of Cary Grant’s . . . oh. Sorry. I meant Gary Crantz, of Sandusky, Ohio. The living image.


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