4 thoughts on “Natalie and the Reunion”

  1. Sounds like all the same reasons why I’ve decided to stop going to my high school reunions!
    (But shouldn’t Natalie be addressing her boss as Mr. Monk even in her journal? It just seems like something she would automatically do, no matter the circumstance. Calling him just “Monk” doesn’t seem like Natalie. But then, you write her, I don’t.)
    Can’t wait to see how she addresses this upcoming pregnancy I’ve read about. A forum like her blog should give her the chance to really sound off about it!

  2. I love TV series tie-in blogs and intend to use that as a marketing tool for my show, too. They’re fun to write — and read. It makes me feel closer to the characters, like we’re friends, and that bond strengthens my loyalty to the series, which is the whole point, right?


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