6 thoughts on “Nude Classics”

  1. Well, see, the nude lady on the Frankenstein cover is there to remind us all that Mary Shelley was a female writer who got naked sometimes. As for Tom Sawyer, he painted stuff, fences mostly. The naked lady tells us that his fellow daubers often paint nudes, but not fences.
    It’s all so simple, really.

  2. Vexin Classics has a list of 39 books in the public domain that it is bringing out in a kindle edition. And for $3.99! The list was posted by a Mr. Muller from London. So I guess the cover art is a means of drawing attention to the list even if it has nothing to do with the story?! Anyway, maybe this is a clever attempt to jump in early on the (maybe) rising popularity of kindle combined with raiding the best books in the public domain, first. Maybe Europeans have a different sensibility towards sex than North Americans do and they find this stuff interesting or sophisticated. But with the Frankenstein cover, boy did they get carried away! Not my taste, guv!


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