Okay, We Get The Point, You’re Brilliant

I got this email over the weekend:

I have a GREAT idea for a movie. Yup that’s just about it. Brilliant idea, concept for a movie, the characters and interaction the hook, great suspenseful WOW outcome.Now what? How can I proceed to make some money with this idea. I’m not in the business, not a writer (should be able to tell that by
now). My brain works in a very strange way with brilliant ideas and concepts. Very detailed plots and sub plots that I know as a patron I would like to see on the screen, but I don’t know how to write….can you help?Or should I buy some Prozac and sleep my idea off?

I told him to take the pills or write the script. What would you tell this modest man who is  brimming over with "brilliant ideas and concepts"?

13 thoughts on “Okay, We Get The Point, You’re Brilliant”

  1. “The idea is “brilliant,” remember? It couldn’t be me.”
    Posted by: James Patterson
    I don’t know if this is a trick or a treat–but it’s pretty damn funny. In fact it’s the best laugh I’ve had all week. Thanks!..whoever you may or may not be.

  2. I once had lunch with a guy who’d developed the Happy Meal Toys to go along with his brilliant idea.
    All he needed was a script. Oh, and a plot.
    Come to think of it, I think he only had two characters, too. And only one of them was human.

  3. I have a spectacular idea about what to tell this gentleman. My idea has a slam-bang beginning, a three-card-monte second-act twist, and a third act that will have him reaching for kleenex and dramamine simultaneously. God. If only I could type.

  4. What would you tell this modest man who is brimming over with “brilliant ideas and concepts”?
    Sounds like some producers I’ve known. The ones whose Brilliant Ideas and Concepts have usually been around the block a few times before passing through their minds as new thought.

  5. I knew a concept genius once. When he asked what he could do to help I told him, “Grab a broom.” Alas, real work was beneath him. I think your genius is of the same ilk.

  6. “My brain works in a very strange way with brilliant ideas and concepts. Very detailed plots and sub plots…but I don’t know how to write…”
    Thank you! I have to admitt that this wasn’t what I’d intended to find, when I came to your site seeking some inspiration for what I should write into my English paper about crime fiction. But coming to think of it this sums up my concept so much better!
    And there I was and spent all my youth thinking that a brilliant idea was only worth something if you could express it in some way…I think a door full of new opportunities has just opened up for me.

  7. Given his brain’s strange way of working, his facility with brilliant ideas and concepts and his admitted inability to write, he might have a future inking tattoos. Better that than writing.


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