One Day and Counting…


Today I trimmed hedges at the house where we will be shooting tomorrow night …not exactly what I expected to be doing in  prep, but we’re a small film, with limited resources, and I knew how I wanted those hedges to look. So it  seemed like the easiest  way to get it done. I’m sure Tarantino and Spielberg trim hedges during prep, too. I rewarded myself with lunch  at the Moonlite BBQ, where I enjoying listening to all those Kentucky accents.

Afterwards, I changed shirts and spoke at Kentucky Wesleyan College about  pre-production film-making. I had a great time and I think the audience enjoyed it too. Afterwards, I did a quick interview with the campus radio station and then headed to the Riverpark Performing Arts Center to take a last look at all the props and run the production meeting, which went quickly and smoothly.

I marked the end of our months of pre-production by taking Roxi Witt,  Todd Reynolds (one of our actors), PJ Starks and Rodney Newton out to dinner to thank them for all their help making this  movie  happen.

Now all that’s left is to start shooting tomorrow… unfortunately, I brought my Goldberg luck  with me, so Owensboro’s long, dry, sunny streak  is about to be broken with thunderstorms all weekend. This is  likely to complicate things, particularly our exterior work, but  it wouldn’t be movie-making if their weren’t a few complications….

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  1. Any chance the talk will be on YouTube????
    I would love to be able to say *I* knew a person named Roxi Witt. What a GREAT name!
    Trimming hedges is a snap–try sewing all the danged costumes.
    Break a leg…!


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