Edward Champion reports that Otto Penzler  is threatening to sue him:

I just received the following message from Otto Penzler:

“If you don’t remove this TODAY, I will sue your ass. I have already
discussed this with my lawyer who agrees it is actionable. You may find
this humorous–I don’t. I do have your address and you will be served
with a cease and desist order, plus a liable suit, copyright
infringement suit, and some other stuff as we think of them. NOW, Mr.

Mr. Penzler takes apparent umbrage to several recent posts that satirize and parody his New York Sun columns.

Champion is leaving the posts up, but has added a disclaimer that they are a parody. I wonder if I should be watching my mailbox for a letter accusing me of  "liable," too.

(Thanks to Arizona Jim for the heads-up).

7 thoughts on “Ottocratic”

  1. No one screws with Bat Segundo and lives to tell about it!
    Reminds me of a time when Cincinnati City Council seriously considered a resolution to fine local DJ Gary Burbank for his comedy skits lampooning that august (*snort! titter!*) body. They were, in some members’ minds, slander.
    Burbank’s response: “Let’s look up the meaning of the word ‘satire.'”
    Most of those losers didn’t even make it to term limits.

  2. Anyone who threatens a lawsuit against people making fun of what they actually said may as well wear a T-shirt that proudly proclaims “I AM A WANKER!”
    Or maybe “WANKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE”. There’s got to be a “wanker” in there somewhere.

  3. If Penzler really has consulted with an attorney, the attorney would have explicitly told Penzler to refrain from taking this into his own hands. I have my doubts that he’s consulted anyone.
    Of course, if Penzler has an attorney draft a cease-and-desist letter, then he’s out a few hundred bucks. If he does pursue a lawsuit, then he drags himself further into the public eye and exposes the criticism further.
    We’ll see what happens.

  4. Gee, getting in a snit over what somebody wrote about you and threatening to sue? Sounds like a great plot twist from a cozy mystery!


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